Monday, May 24, 2010

My Usual Protein Shake!

As of now, I am fine with dairy, so I use milk and whey protein in my shakes.

Standard Base:

1 Scoop Designer Whey All Natural French Vanilla protein powder

~ a cup of nonfat milk, maybe more. I use a full glass ( I guess you could use water, I'm not sure about almond milk or soymilk, it may not blend in?)

1 banana, usually frozen ( I use a full banana)

cinnamon: this is occasional, but if I put it in, I use a very generous shake!

occasional splash of vanilla extract, if necessary

Usual add-in:

~ 1.5-2 cups frozen mango

I've added spinach before, but I would recommend having a higher-power blender, as I got a few millimeter-sized bits!

Fresh strawberries work well too, but I haven't found a blueberry version I'm satisfied with. Looks like another visit to Show me Your Smoothie!

Seems caloric, but I usually drink this over the course of 3-4 hours for lunch! Keeps me full and the potassium in the banana keeps the belly bloat down!

-Courtney :]

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