Thursday, May 20, 2010

And So It Begins...

First post! I guess this is a significant moment in time, or something like that, but all I can think about is how to sound interesting and amusing and intelligent and insane all at the same time, instead of working on the Latin translation about Demosthenes or writing a review paper for Psycholinguistics.

Here are the basics:
+ I'm a runner. Straight up. I wear Mizuno Wave Inspires (loves of my life much?), and yes, my quad muscles are a bit freaky. I started running after high school graduation (oh so long ago) and I never looked back. My parents have four marathons apiece to their names, and I guess you could say I'm determined to beat that. I've got one under my belt: Rock N Roll Mardi Gras 2010! Oh, to be nineteen in New Orleans. I want to run an ultramarathon, maybe Western States, by the time I'm twenty-five. I have never found something more dear to my heart, ask anyone, it's all I really think about! Love it.

+ LOVELOVELOVE Disneyland! You know the story of Peter Pan? Refusal to grow up? Well, I've modified it. I've grown up enough to have a car and go to college and spend my Friday nights/Saturdays at Disneyland instead of at frat parties. So I guess I've grown up enough to have no interest in partying, but not enough to abandon the teacups!

+ Gluten-sensitive. It hasn't been officially diagnosed, all I know is that any form of gluten makes me sick. Can't keep weight stable, can't keep mood stable. Have the urge to eat more and more, and wake up the next day feeling AWFUL. So despite the lack of official diagnosis, I just stay away. So far it's been working pretty well!

+ Cognitive Science major. Basically a mix of neuroscience and psychology, with linguistics, computer programming, and philosophy thrown in. I really can't get enough! The brain BEYOND fascinating, I could go on for days! But I won't....I'd get cut off eventually. Not so strong in the Computer Science department, but I'm learning! Java, you displease me.

+ Getting back into pilates and yoga, and just started ZUMBA! My heart stays with running, and hopefully always will, but I'm currently injured (hello metatarsalgia & wayyyy too much Ibuprofen by the prescription of my cute doctor) so I'm looking for ways to exhaust myself that don't make it worse. Excuse the common stereotype, but I'm a white girl. I CAN'T SHAKE IT! But I'm learning, and getting to dance to Jai Ho and Shakira doesn't hurt...

+ Team in Training. Forever. I rock the obnoxious combination of green and purple because every step I take is a reminder of the people I run for. Those would give anything to be able to run. For those of you who don't know, TNT is a major fundraising group of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We raise thousands of dollars, and in return get to travel around the country for endurance events. We run marathons, half marathons, do triathalons and century rides, and are an amazing, dedicated family.

I run for Michelle Maykin, who fell to leukemia on July 25, 2009, but is with me every step of the way.
Rest in Paradise.

+ Eccentric, Northern Californian, and clearly green-eyed. Yes, I do say hella. Hella.

Well, that's it for now! Since I currently have no followers, I can't tag anyone, but that's okay, now I can start posting REAL things!

...Back to my date with Demosthenes. Cool.

See that medal up there? Mardi Gras loveee :]

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