Team in Training

My Team in Training Experience
This is from my first ever fundraising page...
...written November of 2009...
 I have been running for a little over a year now. In that time, I worked my way up from a daily three mile run to an exhilarating half marathon! There's nothing that can compare to lacing up your shoes, forcing yourself through the first mile, and fighting your way to double digits! When my mom told me about Team in Training, I knew it was something I had to do! I run because my body supports me, and I joined Team in Training to help find cures for blood cancers so that those in treatment can experience the same elation! Running has transformed my life entirely, and Team in Training gives me the opportunity to take the inspiration and empowerment that I have gained and give it back.

and here's why...

As a sophomore JUNIORRRR at a gorgeous San Diego school (sorry, safety reasons), I have been blessed with a beautiful area in which to train for this race. Every morning the sun and the Pacific Ocean remind me how lucky I am to be alive, healthy, and able, so I assure you, I will train as hard as I can so your contributions will be well worth it! I have been running for a year and a half now, and last summer I trained myself to run a full thirteen miles! I run because I love it; imagine the power you feel when you complete a distance run, knowing that you've worked so hard to get to the end! Well, it's time to keep pushing myself, and this time, I'm pushing myself on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

because it's personal...

I have been blessed to meet a lymphoma survivor from my hometown of *sorry!*, California, in my first year of college. He was diagnosed at the beginning of his senior in high school and successfully recovered by the end of it! It has been a year and a half since the start of remission, and every day his presence reminds me of how uncertain and precious good health truly is! Tragically, for every survivor there are many more who are less fortunate. Over the summer of 2009, we were struck by the tragic loss of his dear friend and mentor, Michelle Maykin. While I did not know her personally, I helped him make hundreds of paper cranes to help her through her battle with leukemia. She recieved a transplant in winter of 2008, and unfortunately relapsed in early 2009. It is in her honor that I'm running this marathon! I run because I have the strength to, and I refuse to take my body for granted when thousands of people suffer both physically and mentally from blood cancers.
Here is a link to her blog:
Rest In Peace and Paradise, Michelle! 

i now believe i can fly...

11/21/09: Pacific Beach Run: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Is there anything better than waking up to a run past Mission Bay? DEFINITELY NOT!

11/28/09: DeAnza Cove at 7 a.m.!The things we do for what we love! It was cold, overcast, windy, and started out with a five minute assault of rain, but nevertheless absolutely beautiful! We went for about a nine mile run around Mission Bay and past Sea World (for those of you who don't know, I'm quite terrified of orcas, despite being completely fascinated by them and aspiring to eventually swim with one, but we didn't actually run through the park).

1/2/10: First long distance run of 2010! Fifteen miles by myself all around *my hometown*! Just me, my pink iPod Shuffle, Nike DriFit, and a WONDERFUL endorphin rush!

1/23/09: LONGEST RUN EVER! Eighteen miles around gorgeous Coronado! Followed by a quick dip in the is beautiful :]
(And also the first time I've ever run into a pole. Okay, so I grazed it with my arm, but I'm still hoping no one saw it!)

2/6/10: TWENTYMILES! What can I say, it was AMAZING! We went from Crown Point in Mission Beach up to La Jolla Shores, and the last five miles were in the pouring rain! Forget character building, I started laughing with joy as I ran. When you're drenched and doing what you love, you can't help but be happy! Finished strong and at a faster pace, and when I high fived my team I screamed "WHO'S UP FOR ANOTHER SIX?" Ready for New Orleans!

2/25/10: Night before departure. Nerves + excitement + Michelle Maykin written on the back of my jersey = this is going to be one experience I'll never, ever forget!

I haven't figured out my NFL loyalties yet, but the New Orleans team winning just adds so much to this marathon!

"Those who stay...WILL BE CHAMPIONS!"
-painted on the wall at Bodymax Physical Therapy & Sports Training