Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Just a quick post tonight-I want to start off the quarter with good study habits! If, like me, gluten is a major problem, traveling is a scary scary thing. Of course, there are obvious conventions: don't eat bread, pasta, pastries, etc. But what about the more subtle things? Barley malt? Wheat germ? The things that show up in sauces and soups and spreads, leaving you with headaches and stomachaches later? Like I said, scary. And that's just in English.
I'm applying to study in France next year, which as you can imagine, takes a LOT of preparation on the nutrition front alone! Also, asking une serveuse ou un serveur to rattle off the ingredient list, while I adjust to full-time French, is nerve-wracking and tedious, let alone potentially insulting the to restaurant! 
But now...SOLUTION! Here is an amazing site dedicated to gluten-free travel, with free cards that explain your digestive system both politely and concisely! The cards are free, but a donation would be appreciated. I'm a poor college student, so I went with the second option and linked them! Miracles :)

Gorgey, no? Hello, seventeen year old Courtney. This was three years ago, after high school graduation. Yes, I'm twenty. Shhhh.

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